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We Give Support to the Marginalized, Oppressed, and Disadvantaged

Our goal is to help those struggling with clinical disorders, trauma, oppression, and other similar issues. To learn more about what we do, talk to us today.

Empowering Communities and Providing Social Support

Working Toward Equality and Social Justice

Preferential Peace, LCSW, P.C and Obsidian & Indigo Consultants, LCSW, P.C. in Merrick, New York are two companies that specialize in social work and training. We offer counseling and assistance to all individuals who need help, and we help train organizations in promoting diverse environments, especially for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color).

To effectively and efficiently help our clients in navigating complex social issues, we combine both clinical and scholarly approaches. Read on to learn more about our work and the services we offer.



“Thank you for offering this training in December on Intersectionality of Black Lives. I was thankful I could attend. As a white female social worker, I do seek out ways to learn about how my privilege affects my interactions with others. I am trying to build my awareness of what I need to change. I appreciated his attention to the importance of pushing for systemic change and pointing out how so many experiences (and the past enslavement) of BIPOC lead to complex trauma and survival behaviors and should not be pathologized.”

-Preferential Peace, LCSW, P.C and Obsidian & Indigo Consultants, LCSW, P.C. client

Preferential Peace, LCSW, P.C Vision Statement

Our vision is to use our training and practices as NYS Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and NYS Credentialed Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor* (CASAC) to support traditional psychotherapy and engage in anti-racism and anti-oppression frameworks to begin the authentic healing and personal liberation for people of color.

More traditional clinical approaches are also utilized to support those struggling with anxiety, addiction, anger management, coping skills, family conflict, infidelity, life coaching, marital and premarital issues, men's issues, parenting, relationship issues, court-appointed forensic evaluation custody, and visitation litigation.

*Trained in NYS OASAS/OMH Certified Integrated Mental Health and Addiction Treatment

Obsidian & Indigo Consultants, LCSW, P.C. Vision Statement

Our goal is to support liberation-based organizational training that counters the generational trauma of oppressive practices, privilege, institutional microaggressions, implicit bias, and white supremacist behavior. Our training and consultations are specifically geared towards BIPOC professionals and white allies in nonprofit or corporate environments.

Contextual and historical racial wounds and trauma exist for BIPOC populations. As empathetic professionals, we acknowledge the Black and Blue experience (literally and metaphorically speaking) and understand the experience of Black bodies subjected to oppressive conditions.

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